Renting of Artpieces

“The meaning of an apartment is not the furniture, but the feeling that fills the people there!”

                                                                                                                                                                     Sándor Márai


In order for this to be a positive, friendly, harmonious feeling, the works of fine art that surround us greatly contribute, whether it is our home or our workplace.

Our basic goal is to be able to experience this pleasant, intimate atmosphere as many people as possible, so we give you the opportunity to buy works of art as well as rent them. This can be ideal primarily for those who want to try a work, its effect in a given space before the final purchase decision, or who like to have their environment renewed from time to time, enriched and refreshed with new colors.

In the event of a subsequent positive purchase decision, the rent paid so far will be included in the price.

We recommend this opportunity for apartments, offices, office buildings, hotels to make their reception areas and meeting rooms even more beautiful and even higher quality. If required, the selected pieces will be delivered to the venue so that in the real environment it can be decided which work best suits the given venue.