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Our Mission

Our goal is to bring contemporary Hungarian art and artists closer to the people of everyday life, detached from the now-common “white space” gallery concept, which with its sterility strongly determines the layer of interested people.

We would also like to attract the attention of those who could do so, but who do not necessarily think of beautifying their flats and offices with unique, soul touching, valuable paintings and sculptures instead of reproduced graphics. To this end, we have shaped our activities to reach human interest.

Even if someone comes to us for just a coffee or a great book, or attends one of our art courses, they will immediately find themselves in the exhibition space, among fantastic works… and then we have the opportunity to have a conversation with him that might never have been possible in a “white space” gallery.

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    Clients told

    This work was love at first sight on my part. It caught my eye and it was good to stand at front of it and admire it. I love the contrasts it carries: cheerful, serene, but also serious because of its historical background, vibrant, dynamic, but also static because of the nature of the metal. Its sophistication, the lightness and power of the horses' movements are so magical!
    It makes us very happy that our apartment is decorated with your magnificent artwork!

    Judit LANGBuyer of the sculpt 'Hommage á Muybridge' by Demcsák Dóra Vanda

    Imagine, last night, in a state of complete dormancy before falling asleep, I once began to see the Gallery and the paintings in front of me, but at such a level and sharpness as if I were still standing in front of them. Suddenly I felt like a writer with thoughts zigzagging in his head so fast that his hand fails to note down them. Visiting a Gallery or a world-famous museum has never given me such an experience! Sincere Thank You for being there and Grateful Respect to You who created this Gallery. And, of course, a Great Respect for any artist who has opened a world for me with his art in the cozy little Gallery. THANKS!

    Klara BURJÁNCustomer Service Representative

    I’m so glad we bought here where this type of charity is also involved. The size of the painting is deceptive anyway, it looks much bigger in my apartment than in the gallery. It fills the space properly. But that is not a problem. 😊 I’m truly grateful, really.

    Sara T.

    I would like to thank you once again for your help with the painting. At first I was a little afraid of its size because I found it too big, but when I saw it in the stairwell - wrapped in foil - I knew it would stay😊 This painting is as if it was originally made for my apartment, right there in the dining room😊 For now, I don't even notice the other paintings on the wall, I can only admire the Goodness😊 The light illuminates differently in the evening and in the morning, wonderful, I can only rejoice😊

    Agnes A.
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