We spend 5% of the net price of each artwork sold for charity. Buyers of each work can decide for themselves which of the following organizations to donate, thus contributing to one of these goals:

  • Bethesda Children Hospital – „We can provide better conditions, equipment and care for young children recovering at us through donations.”
  • BRAHMANA Mission Association – „Twenty years ago, the Brahmana Mission was created to provide a framework for introducing Vedic-based self-knowledge to those who want answers to their questions and are attracted to the arts, yoga, Vedic culture, and transcendence.”
  • St. Francis Foundation of Deva – „I love street children in the silence of my room for nothing! They don’t need to have tears in your eyes, but to have bread on their desk, a lid over their head, food on their plate, a pencil in their hand, a blanket on their bed, to get a good word, a caress.” – Csaba Böjte